Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Modify Tradition Swap Inspiration

 1. full swing., 2. Nicey Jane Charm Quilt: Front, 3. Amy Butler Sorbet, 4. wonderland lap quilt, 5. goldfish stripe baby boy quilt, 6. Pinwheel quilt a long Top, 7. Finished Triangles Quilt, 8. Nine-Patch Quilt-Along, 9. Pieced Border Scrap Quilt, 10. Hour Glass Quilt, 11. Hope Valley Quilt - quilting, 12. Red + Aqua Finished, 13. Red Triangle Quilt, 14. Zig Zag quilt, 15. pint sized, 16. Dolce Jelly Filled 

Modify Tradition Swap Inspiration
Originally uploaded by Scissors & Thread

I am so excited to be taking part in the Modify Tradition Swap. This is my flickr inspiration mosaic. I had a lot of fun compiling this.

If my swap partner is reading this, sorry I didn't send my Flickr link but hopefully you can work it out from this (it is Scissors & Thread). I love stars, pinwheels and triangles but am also really drawn to simple squares. I love most colours, blue, red & aqua and certains lines together (Amy Butler, Moda Wonderland and Tanya Whelan Dolce are my current favourites colour wise). However these are just ideas, I am so excited to have someone make something for me and don't own a mini quilt so am sure I will love whatever you make.

Hope this helps. I need to get on with looking at my partner's blog and Flickr and try to decide what to make. I am so nervous that what I make won't be very good, I haven't really done this before. I can see myself doing a practice one first!

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  1. Hi there, I hopped over here from That Girl That Quilt's comments page because I loved what you wrote and it sounded like me talking! I am also a UK quilter (and there aren't many of us!) and am also a lawyer (although I have not worked for 13 years as I decided a job as a city lawyer wasn't compatible with having children. I'm also a new quilter and new quilt blogger. On my blog -, I'm slowly going to pull together a page with UK fresh modern fabric shops and another page with UK fresh modern quilt bloggers so I'll add you if that's OK. I love the international connections you make with quilt blogging but I also like the idea that there are some of us over here in the UK. By a freaky and lucky accident, one of the fresh modern quilt bloggers lives in the same teensy weensy little village as me and our kids go to the same teensy weensy school! I'm going to follow your blog - it looks great and I love to see what's going on here. Let me know if you ever have any fabric shop recommendations or bump into any other UK modern quilt bloggers! Lynne