Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Last week's sewing

For those of you were fooled with my prolific blogging the week before last this is the real me.  Work which thankfully I love (and not just because it pays my mortgage!) does get in the way of other things.  And for me if its a choice my spare time will always be spent sewing rather than blogging about sewing.

But this is what I have been sewing last week:

More blocks for my sampler quilt class (check out the new bathroom floor tiles underneath!!!)

Part of my mini quilt for the Modify Tradition Swap

I also had a trip to London for work which meant I could sew some more of these:

It wasn't all work no play last week though - I did manage a trip to the Quilt exhibition at the American Museum in Bath but that deserves a post all of its own . . .

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  1. Your bathroom tiles look good - the blocks are very pretty and I love the letters fabric!