Friday, 28 May 2010

American Museum Quilt Exhibition

As I said in my previous post I visited the Quilt Exhibition at the American Museum last week.  I went with the girls from my first quilting class and it was brilliant to catch up.  It was a gorgeous day and we had lunch in the sun on the terrace.

The special exhibition which just runs this year was amazing.  The quilts were huge.  They also have about 50 quilts permanently on display and these were gorgeous too.  We are all amazed at how modern some of the quilts looked. Some of the designs are not a million miles away from what some modern quilters today are working on.  I would really recommend a visit to anyone who is in the UK (I'm biased anyway but I think Bath is a fab place to visit in its own right too!)

We weren't allowed to take photos but here is a photo of a card I bought which features one of the quilts from the show.

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  1. lovely, sounds like a good day out! I keep thinking a weekend in Bath wwould be a good idea as it does look like a lovely place to visit. Justine xx