Friday, 30 January 2015

A Christmas Quilt (in January)

This is the first of my catch up projects from last year.  Every December since I started quilting I would look at all the lovely Christmas quilts and wish I had the time to make one.  So this year I started in July!  I still didn't finish it until December but this year for the first time I snuggled up watching The Snowman (a lot - James became somewhat obsessed) under my very own Christmas quilt.

I didn't get around to taking any photos until now but I figured as there is a lot of snow in the UK and it is still January I can get away with it!  These are taken in the new garden which is somewhat sloped, step ridden and unsuitable for quilt photo taking - honestly a suitable quilt backdrop really should have featured higher in my house essential list.

Fabric: Moda Countdown to Christmas & Timeless Treasures in Cream Sketch, Binding - Kona Charcoal, Backing is Ikea Britten Numbers
Pattern: Made in Cherry by Sarah Fielke
Quilting: I followed Katie's fab guide here

I think I may be using this for another few months yet.

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Saturday, 24 January 2015

2014 - where did you go?

I've been looking back through my photos and noticed just how long it is since I blogged. Going back to work part time in May meant that life just got a lot busier.  But ironically I actually sewed more in the second half of the year once I was back at work.  I decided that I wanted to spend more time making stuff than thinking about things I would like to make.  So something had to give and a combination of less time, a broken photo connector and an iPhone in the washing machine meant blogging was it.  At the end of the year I read this post by Kerry and her comments on blogging got me thinking about the reasons I started this blog and to begin with it was simply to record the things I made.  So I've got some projects I finished in the past 6 months that I want to catch up on blogging so I have a record of them all.  

But in the meantime and in order to not let the second half of 2014 completely slip by here is short summary of 2014 courtesy of Instagram.

I've also really missed the blogging process, the reading and commenting on other's blogs, the lovely people I met,  the feeling part of an online community so I'm going to blog a little more often and find my place here again.