Friday, 14 May 2010

I just met Kaffe Fassett!

My local book shop had a talk by Kaffe Fassett tonight about his book Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilts.  He was so funny.  I am not the biggest fan, don't get me wrong I like some of his fabrics and I love his spots, he's just not my favourite ever (Amy I will be forever loyal!!) but his talk was wonderful.  He is so funny and he had lots of really interesting things to say about his views on traditional v modern quilts.

Sorry for the lack of photos in this post but the only bathroom in our house is being refurbished and apparently it is necessary to store all the tools in the computer/sewing room (and all the bathroom parts in the lounge and all the rubbish on the patio grrrr!) so I can't plug in my camera properly.

But I did post every day this week, well every weekday anyway . . . .! 

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  1. Well I hope you asked him for me what I should replace the yellow with in the quilt I am making for my mum - amanda this was my chance!