Monday, 7 June 2010

This weekend's sewing and a lesson learned . . . .

Lots and lots of sewing done this weekend.

Sampler quilt top finished - backing below - any ideas on how on earth I would quilt this.  I'm not brave enough to free motion on somthing so big yet so any ideas gratefully received?

The other 2 quilts in the picture are either finished or I am finishing sewing the binding on tonight.  Posts of both soon.  I was 4 inches away from maching sewing the binding to the pink and orange mini quilt when my sewing had a funny moment (or an hour now that I come to mention it!).  The bobin thread was catching on the case and the fabric was getting sucked into the machine.  Cue take the machine plate off, bobin holder out, clean out the lint, put it all back together and the same thing happens again and again and again.  I try putting the bobin and bobin holder in several different times and cleaning again and again.  Then I find a huge hidden bit of lint and I think I've sorted it.  All back together AND THE SAME THING HAPPENS AGAIN. 

Change needle, bobin and just about to change the spool of thread when (1 hour after the initial problem) I notice it isn't threaded properly!! Re-thread and it works like a dream.  I think the lint initially started the problem and with all my taking apart the needle became unthreaded. 



  1. Its funny you should mention that as the same thing happened to me when I was sewing the bodices of my bridesmaid dresses last weekend!!! It took me ages to work out what the problem was!! D'Oh!

  2. Done the same thing myself, spent ages! It is usually when I have been sewing for too long and I'm tired.
    M x