Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Modify Tradition Mini Quilt Finished

I finished my swap for the Modify Tradition mini quilt swap.  Hopefully my secret swap partner likes it.  I was really bad at coming up with an idea and I have always loved this quilt on Flickr so followed it.

This mini quilt was lots of firsts for me:

1. First mini quilt
2. First time making something for another quilter/sewer
3. First time making this block
4. First time labelling a quilt (but I can't show it as the swap is secret until received)


  1. I love the colours you have picked, it really lifts the traditional blocks.

  2. This is soooooo beautiful

  3. Gorgeous! Well done, its a bit scary making something for a fellow sewer I always find!! Justine xx

  4. Wow, I'd love it if this were coming my way, but sadly I didn't get in on this swap!

  5. It is SO beautiful! Your partner will love it for sure!

    Jennifer :)