Saturday, 12 June 2010

Bee Blocks

These are my first ever Bee Blocks for Amy aka ScruffyCat1970 as part of the Fresh Modern Bee 2. Amy requested string blocks made by paper piecing from the tutorial by Film in the Fridge.

My points don't match up quite as perfectly as I would like. Doing this block has been great for me though as I am no longer scared of paper piecing. Also it has yet again shown me that fabrics which I may not instantly like on their own, look great paired with other fabrics. It also took me a lot less time than I thought to make this which of course means I want to make a whole quilt of these for myself and as you can see below I have become quite attached to these blocks!

And now for the fun photo, we are supposed to add a fun photo to Flickr of our "blocks on tour". So I decided this evening that my block and I should bond and spend some quality time together. Does this mean watching England v US in the World Cup. Nope - I am Irish and by its colour scheme the block is honorary Irish and neither of us are particularly intersted in football. So here is my block spending its evening in the garden with a nice cold glass of wine, a stack of magazines and a netbook to catch up on blog reading.


  1. i love the blocks, and your points are fine! i love that you and the block are having a delightful afternoon (with NO football!)

  2. too cute!! I think my block will be helping me iron this evening, life's not all rock n roll you know!! Love the new blog header by the way - Justine xx