Monday, 14 June 2010

A Sweet Sewing Weekend

A day late I know but I had a very productive sewing weekend - the World Cup has made me very focused on not being near a tv. 

As well as doing my Bee Blocks for the Fresh Modern Bee 2 I cut all my fabric for my brother's quilt into lots and lots and lots of strips.  Then there was some gift making

The placemats are the final four for part of a set of 8 for my Mum.  She got the first 4 as a Mother's Day gift but I have just finished the other 4 this weekend.  Fabric is part of a Moda Sweet Jelly Roll.

Coasters are my Granny's birthday present with the same Moda Sweet Jelly Roll fabric

I made this quilt top a few months ago and then put it away too scared to even contemplate finishing it due to its vast size.

 (Anyone guess my favourite fabric line this Spring?). This weekend I made the back

I am going to baste it soon but am terrified about quilting it.  I am going to try diagonal staight line quilting and see if it will fit through my machine.  If it won't it looks like this will be my first attempt at hand quilting!  It's unironed because the photos were taken during this weekend's "Irongate Crisis".  I dropped the iron breaking it beyond repair and had to wait until Argos opened the next morning and I could dispatch husband there.  I am now the owner of this lovely iron (I like the colour most!)


  1. Very productive - I'm jealous!! Must do better!! Justine xx

  2. Wow, you've been busy! I love the Sweet line - so wishing I had bought some when it was still available!! Love the quilt - good luck with the quilting!

  3. Love the placemats! Love the quilt!

  4. Hey a tip for quilting on your machine. Lay the quilt out flat pick your middle point roll both sides in wards to that point. Tuck one side in under the arm on your machine. fold the quilt up on your lap so its like your pregnant. Then quilt down. When done with that line just take it out unroll the next piece (same side and) do it over again. Do this till the one side is completed. Then turn it the other way and do the other side. If you do more quilting just do the same thing pick your middle point roll it up tight and work your way from the middle. Hope it helps!