Monday, 23 September 2013

3 Random Things

1. Back when we were pregnant Sharon and I arranged a little baby goodies swap.  Well my lovely parcel arrived last week and I was very spoiled with lovely cloths, a flannel blanket, mini sewing kit and gorgeous pixie hat for James.

Swap goodies from A Prairie Sunrise

2. I made another 2 fabric baskets


3. Summer is well and truly over and I've pulled out all my Christmas fabric to choose some to make a stocking for the baby boy using this lovely pattern from Camille. (And yes I just quickly pulled the duvet cover over all the random stuff on my bed to take this photo - keeping it real!)

Christmas Fabric


  1. love the pixi hat.. not so sure the modle feels the same xx

  2. cute hat (and cuter munchkin!)

  3. Lol at the sin covering duvet ;o)