Saturday, 21 September 2013

Adventures with Wool

I started knitting at the end of last year when I was pregnant and last blogged my adventures with wool here

Since then I've finished the matinee jacket (and made James wear it at least 3 times before our heatwave!)

James' Matinee Jacket

I've also started a new hat for James

A new project - a baby hat!

and almost finished my crochet ripple blanket

Crochet blanket almost there!

But my biggest challenge was this little jumper

James' Jumper

I spent most of a week's holiday at my parents working on it when I had lots of babysitters (and so my Mum could help me with the neckband).  I proudly cast it off and with just the last few side seams to sew up, held it up to said cherub and very quickly realised there was no way it would go over his head.  It was thrown down in disgust and left behind with my Mum to wave some magic.  

James' Jumper Back

Which she most certainly did with the addition of these clever buttons.  And I couldn't resist a picture of the little man himself modelling it!



  1. he looks good in his nice warm jumper x He is a good sport to wear mums creations .. I shed many tears when my children were small and I began knitting for them x MANY cardigans were knit because of their BIG heads!! It was of course THEIR problem heads NOT my lack of ability xx lol x good luck with the hat .. make it BIG xx

  2. Aw so cute! And the jumper is great too - but the cute wee man! Just adorable!

    And get knitting lots while he is small and cannot refuse to wear it! Takes too long when they are bigger and it lies at the back of the drawer!

  3. Aww so cute! I love the blanket! He will be needing that jumper now it's gone cold. He is such a sweetie!

  4. Aww, glad your mum could sort the jumper for him, he looks nice and content in it :o)

  5. boy + jumper = me squeaking at the cutenessness....well done! He is still as smiley as when I last saw you which was far far too long ago!

  6. AW he is cute. Love your knitting and your mum is a clever lady!

  7. Love your knitting. Also love that ripple blanket!

  8. cutie pie. I always forget how big their noggins are!