Thursday, 29 March 2012

A post of 3 random things

1. Cushions for the niece and nephew with their baby sister's quilt

Josephine's Quilt with the sibling cushions

Christopher's Cushion
Made to match this quilt
Bronwyn's Cushion
Made to match this quilt
Bronwyn & Christopher's Cushion Backs

2. The start of a new quilt top

Busy Lizzy Quilt Blocks

3. Tag

This game of tag has been going around blog land.  I thought I had escaped but Sarah caught me.  I'm not passing it on directly but if you want to play or answer one of the questions randomly in the comments feel free to do so!

1.  What was the first music single you bought for yourself?  If you're a wee young thing, what was the first download you bought?
I didn't buy singles - I saved up for Albums and the first CD was The Cranberries No Need to Argue.

2.  If you could elect President of the World, who would get your vote?
I wouldn't - I think it would be too much power for one person to hold.

3.  Which TV show would you outlaw?
Big Brother

4.  If you could visit one place you've never been to before, where would it be?
South America (anywhere!)

5.  What sewing or quilting pattern/design have you not tried that you would really love to?
I really want to do Single Girl and to FMQ a quilt

6.  What is your idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon?
Lunch (preferably a picnic with a bottle of fizz) followed by an afternoon spent reading my favourite book and hand sewing in the sun.

7.  At school what was your favourite subject?

8.  If you were to get a tattoo, what would it be of? (I know you may never in a million years choose to do this, but just for fun ...)
Not my thing so I'm not sure, maybe a really quote like "Regret the things you do, not the things you don't"

9.  Which piece of technology do you most fear/hate?
I still can't connect the photos from the new camera to the new computer without asking my husband to help!

10. If you could put one item that you have made into a time capsule, which would it be (please show us a pic)?

Tilda Triangles Quilt
Though if it were in a time capsule I wouldn't get to use it so . . . . .

11.  When I was little I wanted to change my name to Stephanie (it seemed more interesting and sophisticated somehow).  Have you ever wanted to change your name, and what to?
Someone pointed out to me recently that my name isn't on my blog!  For those of you who don't know its Amanda, always Amanda and never Mandy.  I've always liked my name and never wanted to change it!


  1. Hello Amanda! Great answers and I like the sound of your Saturday afternoon picnic with bubbles. Thanks for playing along with my questions.

    Beautiful cushions and quilts - you have a great eye for colour and have amazing fabrics!

  2. Great answers and loving that quilt still. HST heaven.

  3. Loving the cushions & quilt for your neice's and nephew!!

  4. Love all your answers and all your latest creations too!!