Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sunday Stash

Wonderland - how I love you!

When I first started quilting I fell in love with Moda's Momo Wonderland but it was already a year old and difficult to get hold of.  I bought what yardage was left in my local quilt shop and other UK online shops before snapping up a great bundle of 8 FQs and a couple of yards at the Festival of Quilts in August last year.  I had most of the red and brown prints but was missing almost all the green and pink (or pistachio and  jam) ones.  Prices on Etsy seemed extreme until just before Christmas I found this gorgeous set of 40 Fat Quarters from this fantastic Etsy shop.  I think almost all the lines are included and I have more than enough variety to make a Wonky Log Cabin Quilt.  It arrived just after Christmas and wasn't stopped by customs so even including postage these worked out at £7 a yard.

This will be the last new fabric for a bit for me.  There's a lot of talk of Fabric Diets in blogland and I am doing my own version.  For every lb of weight I lose I get a certain amount of money to spend on fabric.  No other fabric buys allowed (except fabric for my Granny and Dad's quilts).  Week 1 I lost 3.5 lbs so it looking good so far.

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