Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A little progress

 I mentionned here that I need a little focus so once a month or so I am going to post my works in progress to see how I've done that month and motivate me to keep working on them.  Here are Januarys:

1. Baby Girl Coin Quilt - needs ironing (a lot),  backing, basting, quilting, binding, someone to have a baby girl to motivate me to finish it.

2. Sampler Quilt - currently being quilting.  I am taking this one slowly a block at a time, outlining each block and then outlining various parts of the design in each block.

3. Wild Oddyysea - this one is all cut out and I am starting to piece the blocks. 

4. Red & Aqua Little Windows

5. Nine Patch - gradually progressing with 6 new ones added this month

6. Tilda Hexagons - which I will be working on until I am at least 83 80 and a half! (but I have started the next colour with 2 new ones added)

7. Tilda Red Quilt - lots of squares cut and waiting to be paired with squares of Kona Bone which are yet to be cut.

Well 4, 5 & 6 are ongoing projects but I am determined to finish one of the others before starting another new quilt so all efforts are going into number 2 at the moment (because its the closest to being finished which means closer to starting something new!!!


  1. I like No. 4 in particular but I can't believe how many you've got on the go!

  2. Blimey thats lots of WIP! I'll be mailing your blocks back to you today for FMB2, as you know they've been done a while but not been to PO yet.