Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Crazy Sweetness

 I finally finished the quilt I started in January using Camille from Simplify's pattern Piece of Cake.  I finished the quilt top back in April and then put is aside as I was terrified at the thought of basting and quilting such a large quilt. I finished hand sewing the binding on Christmas Eve and gave it to my parents for Christmas.  Happily it now lives on the bed in my old room so I will still get to use it when I visit.

 The quilting on this one almost drove me insane (hence the name for this quilt) and it is a long way from perfect.  Whilst it was in progress I finished a few other quilts and learnt a lot from them but I was determined to finish this one in all its imperfectious (is that a word?) glory anyway. 
Note to self for the future:
1. A plain coloured back is not very forgiving when you are newish to quilting (there are a lot of puckers in this quilt)
2. Diagonal quilting is very ambitious for your first large quilt (next time maybe stick to straight lines)
3. Use 3 times as many pins as you originally planned to use when basting
4. Your Mum will love anything you make (no matter how many imperfections you point out!)

In an effort of full disclosure here is the puckery back:


  1. Oh My! It's gorgeous, puckers and all! Its beautiful and you should be very proud. By the way your bee blocks will be posted tomorrow hopefully!

  2. Beautiful! And I can't even notice the puckers!! Plus they are on the back, so who'd even see them! Great quilt and it looks awesome on the bed!!