Sunday, 12 December 2010

Sunday Stash

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had been in Ireland for a weekend in November - we stayed with my parents for a weekend and attended my best friend's wedding.  In between we spent 3 days in Galway in the west of Ireland.  The hotel was gorgeous but it rained all day for 3 days (minus a 2 hour hiatus when I dragged my husband for a walk to a beach I used to visit as a kid.

By Day 3 cabin fever had kicked in but a quick Internet search revealed a Quilting Shop just half an hour's drive away.  So the husband was instructed politely requested to drive me there in the pouring rain.

Once there it would be rude not to buy something - I think the packs above are Moda Arcadia made up by the shop into charm packs.  I thought the colours would be perfect for boy quilts.

And these I bought just because they looked pretty!

And an update on Bronwyn's Quilt from yesterday that needs to be finished by Friday.  So did I get up early and crack on with it?  Of course not its the weekend, I work hard all week (or so I told myself when the alarm went off this morning)!  The morning started with coffee and the papers in bed, catching up on posts on my google reader, flicking through magazines before a lazy brunch of French Toast & Bacon at noon.   Did I mention this needs to be finished by Friday?!!! 

PS It is all cut now and the piecing of the blocks is in progress - why do I do this to myself???

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