Saturday, 16 October 2010


No not the flying spaceship ones - the ones clogging up my sewing room.  My UFOs Works in Progress are many, in fact at Sewing Club last week I was struggling to remember exactly how many.  So its time to face the music and count them up and maybe try to maintain a little order and a lot of progress.   

First up are those that really should be finished if I just got a move on:

1. Red Hippo Bag - just needs a handle and some buttons sewn on, no excuse really . . .

2. Crazy Sweetness Quilt - needs a little perseverance to finish the quilting and binding

  Then there's the ones that need a little more work to finish:

3. Baby Girl Coin Quilt - needs ironing (a lot),  backing, basting, quilting, binding, someone to have a baby girl to motivate me to finish it.

4. Sampler Quilt - needs quilting (I just can't decide how to do it) and binding.

5. Wild Oddyysea - needs everything except cutting done to it!

And then there's the long term projects which I have convinced myself don't really count as UFOs do they?

6. Red & Aqua Little Windows

7. Nine Patch

8. Tilda Hexagons - which I will be working on until I am at least 83 and a half!

And finally the newish projects that are distracting me from the oldish ones:

9. Christopher's  Quilt - deadline Christmas

10. Tilda Red Quilt - deadline Christmas/Valentine's Day?

Hmm seems rather a lot listed out like that - I will try for an update in a few weeks which hopefully will keep me motivated.  Though knowing me as I cross one thing off the UFO  Works in Progress list, I will almost definitely add another.  Just as well I'm not listing all the quilt ideas running around in my head . . . . .

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  1. have a lot of WIPs that I just LOVE! I can't wait until you finish them so I can see them all done!!!!!!