Friday, 1 March 2013

February in Review

My monthly check in on the goals I set here at the beginning of the year.  February has been another good month for me.  I finally finished work and am really enjoying being on maternity leave.  This month seemed to involve receiving a lot of lovely handmade gifts made by talented friends and family which I have blogged about here and here.


However I have managed to get some things made myself this month.  Unsurprisingly they are all baby related - sorry!

February Collage

And I've made a little progress on some of my WIPs too.

February WIP Collage

The sewing room transformation into nursery is now almost complete - I will bore you all with some photos of the finished room with all its handmade bits soon!  I am managing quite well with my stash being stored in a cupboard in our bedroom and the machine set up downstairs.  It's making me be a lot tidier for sure!

This month I've managed to use up 14 yards and only added 4 to my stash so that a net use of 10 for February - so far so good this year!  (In case you were wondering why my stash use is so big for not a lot of makes I count something as used when it is finished and the bunting and quilt were heavy on the stash!)


I've managed to keep up with blogging this month and have been trying to focus on taking slightly better photos of my projects (being home in daylight hours certainly helps!).  

I've also done a new blog header which I'm rather pleased with.  I am usually not very technical at all but I followed That Girl That Quilt's tutorial and it all seems to work ok. Click through and let me know what you think!

I'm not making any big plans for next month - having a baby will be quite sufficient!  I expect that I will keep sewing a few little projects though to keep me occupied while I wait!

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  1. looks like you have been VERY busy xx

  2. The nursery is gorgeous, I can't wait to see the 'finished room' photos, especially if there's a baby in them! Get plenty of rest xx

    P.S. I love your new header!

  3. Don't apologise - I love seeing your baby makes!

  4. Those baby finishes are adorable!

  5. What a wonderful way to be spending your maternity leave, your baby makes are gorgeous!!

  6. Don't be apologising for baby makes: love seeing them! And love the new blogger header too

  7. I think now is the time for the 'take it easy, enjoy the silence, do anything you need to do that can't wait 6 months' reminders to begin!

  8. Cannot wait to see (many) pictures of the nursery.

  9. Gorgeous! What a productive month. My baby-makes when I was preggers were hopeless - one quilt each and one of those I haven't even finished *oh the shame*. Love the new header too. Happy nesting! xxxxx

  10. You've done great, I still think the next thing should be for you :oD

  11. Lots of great finishes. Love you baskets :)

  12. awww - nesting - how beautiful all the things are you've either made or have been given - can't wait for grandy's myself!!