Saturday, 2 February 2013

January in review

I seem to have completely missed that yesterday was the 1st February so I am a little late with this post.  Back here I set out what I hoped to achieve this year in terms of Sewing, Stashing & Blogging and I am pretty pleased with how it has been going in January.


I finished a UFO that I had been working on since last summer.

Hometown Log Cabin Pram Quilt

I've also being making progress on my baby makes list

January Baby Makes Collage

And a little progress on some other old WIPs

January WIP Collage

My sewing room nursery now looks like this:

Nursery in progress
The baby has a quilt and a toy box - what more does it need really???

and my fabric stash and sewing projects are now stored here in a cupboard in my bedroom 

New fabric storage

In January I used, sold or donated the equivalent of 26 yards of fabric and only acquired 6 yards so with a net de-stash of 20 yards it was a good start to the year!  

Hopefully I can keep working on the UFOs and baby projects for February too.  Next on the list is finish the Summersville quilt and make some bunting from the nursery from this little stack of fabric.

Sweetwater Make Life fabrics

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  1. Looks like you are well nested and ready! Jxo

  2. A quilt and a toy box - yep, I think that will do :)

  3. Love that quilt :) Looks like you've been very busy getting things in order.

  4. A lovely month! Can't wait to see what you make with that gorgeous stack of fabric!

  5. I still haven't done a post where I sum up the month and set some goals for the next month. Maybe my goal for February will be to do that at the end of the month?

    I think the baby needs a bed to put the quilt on, but no doubt that is on its way. And maybe a dresser to put the diapers into? A changing table? But you do have the real requirements down pat.

  6. Loving the de-stash countdown! I need to do that!
    Lovely makes xxx

  7. Those booties are adorable! Baby things are the most fun to make :)

  8. You have made such gorgeous baby makes!

  9. I love that little quilt you finished, and everything looks so organized and ready - or at least well staged for the next part of the nursery process!

  10. It looks like you had a super month!

  11. You had a great month, and if all else fails, you can wrap the baby in the quilt and pop it in the toy chest to sleep ;o)

  12. I really like the first quilt picture...the placement of the red is sooo happy!

    Just a tidbit from an old granny-mom...Don't put your sewing too much into hiding. There will be times, when you will need to escape with it as a means to fill your own cup. If your cup gets too's hard to fill other's cups. A little "new" one can take a lot of cup filling. =)