Monday, 25 February 2013

3 more lovely things (not made by me!)

Having a baby is a bit like getting married.  Aside from the fact that it takes months to prepare and people take a lot of photos - you also get a lot of lovely gifts!  I've been really lucky to get some beautiful handmade gifts which I've already blogged about here.  I think friends who know I make things hopefully also know that I appreciate the work and effort in handmade gifts (and also know that I will never say that I saw something similar in a shop for £10!!!)

Well this weekend I met up with a lovely friend who gave me the beautiful gifts below for the baby.  Rather embarrasingly (as I vaguely knew she had done some knitting in the past) I had texted to see if joining in a new ball of wool on my beginner knitting project was something she would be able to help with.  (Safe to say she could do that with her eyes closed and one hand tied behind her back!)

1. Knitted baby jacket

Knitted Cardigan

2. Knitted baby booties

Knitted baby booties

3. Knitted teddy bear

Knitted teddy bear

I'm informed that all of these patterns are in Debbie Bliss' Essential Baby Knits book.  I'll be back soon with some progress on things I have actually made myself!


  1. Oh that jacket and the booties!! Adorable :-) The teddy is wonderful too - I love his slightly confused expression.

  2. ohhhh gorgeous, such a lovely load of pressies, the jacket is too cute

  3. You do have enough room for the actual baby, right?

  4. What fabulous gifts-she is one talented lady! When is the baby due?

  5. They're fab, although I'm with Hadley, with the baby fit in the room at this rate? ;o)

  6. Which reminds me...can you email me your address? I'd love to send something for your little one too! The comments about having enough room for Baby are hilarious, especially considering right now I'm pretty sure we DON'T have enough room here! Where the heck do I put this stuff?? Luckily I have a few more weeks to figure it out. How are you feeling?

  7. I forgot to say... I love the knitted gifts your friend gave you! Especially that bear!! :)