Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday

I've made some progress on some UFOs this week!

Rachels Blocks 4 edited

These are the first 4 blocks I have made for my sister's quilt.  I am following Sewtakeahike's method of Quilt As You Go.  This is going to be a big quilt so it was the only way I could even contemplate making it.  The blocks will end up as 14" square and I think I need 36 in total.  It's a slow process as each block is taking me about an hour to make but I am enjoying doing them. 

Both the Summersville and Hometown quilts now have their binding's attached and are just waiting to be hand sewn down.

No progress
  • Red & Aqua Windows
  • 9 patch
  • Spring Carnival cushions

Fabric buckets for the nursery

Nursery Storage Bucket

New projects

I am going to attempt these baby booties from Anna Maria Horner's book Handmade Beginnings.  I have cut out all my pattern pieces  and fabric pieces which was rather torturous!  There must be an easy way to transfer patterns rather than my attempt at cutting things out of tracing paper and drawing around cardboard?  If there is please share!

Going to try these booties!

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  1. Love those blocks, I have never tried quilt as you go.

  2. I love the eggplant color :-)

  3. Your sister's quilt is going to be stunning and huge! I must look in to quilting as you go as I really don't enjoy quilting and perhaps this may be a solution.

  4. Those blocks are gorgeous, what beautiful colours! I've only attempted QAYG once, it's still a WIP, but I hope to finish!

  5. Love how the QAYB blocks are going :o)