Monday, 14 January 2013

Baby sewing

So as well as my goals from my last post and my list of UFOs I also mentioned that I wanted to do some sewing for the baby.

Emma had made some of these fabric buckets for her baby and she pointed me in the direction of this lovely tutorial from The Stitchin' Chicken.

Nursery Storage Bucket

These are super easy to make and took me less than an hour each.  Each basket uses just 2 Fat Quarters (so 4 FQs busted!)

Yellow nursery bucket

They can be customised to any size and are just made of fabric and wadding.  However I think if I made them any bigger I would want to add some interfacing which would make them a little more fiddly to make.

Green nursery bucket

I've got lots of ideas of things to make for the baby - I'm not planning on getting them all done before March but it's something to work on!

Baby Sewing Ideas


  1. Those are going to be super handy I'm sure, good luck with the rest of your list :o)

  2. Oh they are lovely and will be totally usable too once your baby is older!

  3. they look great and very versatile x

  4. I love fabric buckets. They are so versatile! I'm sure you'll be putting yours to good use very soon! Jxo

  5. I love these! They look fantastic x