Sunday, 26 February 2012

A weekend of zig zag quilting

When I quilt I mostly do straight lines.  Or not so straight lines whatever way you want to look at it. Sometimes I do lots and lots of straight lines like this one and sometimes if I can get away with it less like  this one and this one.  I like straight line quilting a lot.  But this weekend I've been doing a lot of zig zag quilting like this on my new niece's quilt:

Zig Zag Quilting

And this on a cushion for her older sister:

Zig Zag Quilting on B's Cushion

And I even branched out and tried it using variegated thread on my bathmat from the Fat Quarterly workshop I did back in August at Festival of Quilts *:

Zig Zag Quilting on my bathmat

* Note to self: your machine does not like variegated thread and it especially does not like doing zig zag quilting with a towel for backing using variegated thread.  And you are lazy and do not like using your unpicker (especially when the backing is towelling)


  1. Bwahahaha, love the note to self! The wiggly quilting looks good though :oD

  2. I love your zigzag quilting. :o) And what a cool bath mat. And your neices' projects turned out sooo cute!! I think I need to hang the last part of that note to yourself up as a note to myself, too, as I am also lazy and do not like unpicking!!

  3. Love your Zigzags! Haven't tried that but it looks fabulous!

  4. Funnily enough, my machine doesn't like variegated either, not even Aurifil variegated.i would love to know why.

  5. Looks great Amanda! I want to make a hexie bath mat for our bathroom!!