Saturday, 20 August 2011

Whatever makes you happy bee block

July (yes I know its August!) was Little Island Quilting's month in Fresh Modern Bee 2.  She sent some gorgeous Anna Maria Horner fabrics and asked for whatever block we wanted in whatever size we wanted.  Sounds easy right?  Except I struggle to create and design and am not very good at thinking up block ideas.  Lots of thinking and procrastinating followed.  And then last weekend I did the Design Challenge Workshop with Fat Quarterly at Festival of Quilts.

This drawing and the block in the top left became this sketch last week:

And today I actually sat down at the machine and sewed it into this:

It's by no means a new or exciting design but I made up the measurements myself and there's even a little fussy cutting going on in the middle.  I wanted something to showcase the lovely fabrics and I hope Alison likes it!


  1. Alison adores it! Fabulous block to indeed showcase the fabrics. Thank you!

  2. I think the block works so well with the fabrics. Job well done.

  3. Its great Amanda - well done you!

  4. i was going to say why wouldn't she? But she's got in there before me! You rose to the challenge and met it admirably - no stopping you now designer!