Sunday, 7 August 2011

Chocolate Envelope Quilt

Remember this post and the fabrics which needed to be a quilt in 6 days. . . . 

Moda Acardia, Kona Chocolate & Momo Freebird
Well I made the deadline and was able to finish it before flying home to see my family and gave it to my Dad for his 60th birthday.

The pattern is from a tutorial from the fabulous Shiner's View which has been on my to do list for a while.  

Unintentionally I had chosen similar colours and fabrics for my Dad as those in the tutorial and I love how the envelopes pop agains the Kona Chocolate.

The back is some Momo Freebird and the leftover Kona Chocolate.  It is quilted with horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines but not too many as I wanted to keep it soft as its a tv quilt.

Binding - Momo Freebird Eggs
That weekend was also my 30th birthday which resulted in an IT upgrade for me (iPad 2!!) that I am just figuring out how to get photos onto and blog hence the delay.

PS - is anyone going to Festival of Quilts next weekend - I will be there from Friday to Sunday and am very excited!

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