Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sunday Stash - the Vancouver edition

My husband thought he was safe from quilt shops on this holiday - we were going skiing.  There would be mountains and snow and fresh air.  There would be no quilt shops and no sewing machine.  The only sewing I would be doing was hand sewing hexagons in the evening (whilst watching the snow with a glass of wine).

But he forgot about the 3 days we were spending in Vancouver which I certainly had not forgotten.  In fact I had done my research well.  One short bus trip would take us to Spool of Thread.  I actually thought I was very restrained . . . .

Now I think I mentionned once or twice  before how much I love Momo Wonderland.  I may have also mentionned that I was done collecting it as I now have a little bit of each of the fabrics in the collection.  Well the new rule is that doesn't apply if I happen to walk into a shop and find 2 yards left of the pink scissors fabric.

And I bought this Central Park fabric just because I liked it!


  1. Just the one quilt shop visited then? That's slacking a bit for a skiing holiday isn't it? ;-)

  2. Lovely pink scissors! I have the sky blue and red!!