Thursday, 14 January 2010

9 Patch a Day

I think I have mentionned before that it was AmandaJean's blog Crazy Mom Quilts that first inspired me to start patchwork and quilting.  She had an idea for a Nine Patch Quilt Along.  Basically the idea was that you made one 9 patch a day and after 90 days you had enough to make into a quilt.  Now I know I am way behind, Amanda Jean has run 2 of these and has since stopped blogging (sob).  But I really liked the idea of doing one a day (though with me it may be a couple every few days) and I also like the idea of using up scraps as already I am starting to build up a collection.  The top 4 are ones I made out of fabric I don't like very much just to practice the block.  I am not sure if I will use them in the actual quilt yet, I think I will see how I go.

The next 3 are my more recent ones made from scraps from the 3 bags I made before Christmas.  Can you tell I like spots?!

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