Monday, 1 April 2013

March in Review

Well March was a very different month for me!  There wasn't a lot of blogging and having a baby also limits your fabric buying somewhat!  (This month I used up 8.75 yards and only added 2.5 yards to my stash giving me a net use of 6.25 yards).

I finished my Summersville cushions for the nursery.

Summersville cushions in residence!

I also decided that being 8 and a half months pregnant was the perfect time to finish a very old UFO.  

Scrappy 9 patch top

I sashed all the blocks on my scrappy 9 patch, pieced a back, basted and quilted this when I started my maternity leave at the beginning of March.  I finished attaching the binding by machine half an hour before I went into labour!!!

Quilting done, now to choose binding. Rather than more scrappy colour thinking of a charcoal solid to frame it - thoughts?

I absolutely love this quilt but my favourite finish from this month and without a doubt the best thing I have ever made is my little boy, James Ronan who arrived on 13th March.  

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  1. Gorgeous cushions, gorgeous quilt and absolutely bloody gorgeous baby :) and your not looking so bad either :)
    Think March is definitely your month for most productive !

  2. Yep, best make ever!! (Although I can't decide if the picture of James on the chair is cute or just plain wrong!!!). He's a cutie; and your quilt isn't bad either xxx

  3. Love your quilt, but you're right...your precious little man is definitely the best WIP ever!

  4. Aw, love those pictures of James - definitely a great finish!

  5. Nothing like a finishing off a quilt to start labour! Congratulations on a super productive month, hope you're getting some sleep!

  6. Little one will always be the best make ever! Jxo

  7. He's completely adorable truly and such pretty colours in your makes :)

  8. Well I'm glad to see you made efficient use of your maternity leave prior to his lordship's arrival ;o)

  9. Excellent finish there! I'm sure you now need lots of little quilts for all the tents, camps etc that he will be building - best get started then!

  10. Congratulations on the finishes - just in the nick of time - and on the new baby!

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  12. Love the nursery! He looks so tiny in his cot, so cute! Hope you are both doing ok!

  13. James just looks so adorable!! I love your makes and that chair is gorgeous too! :)

  14. James is gorgeous! Ronan was my maiden name.