Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Well it's been a while since I last blogged my news.  I had great plans for sewing lots and lots of things but I didn't expect to feel so tired.  I didn't expect work to be so rubbish.  I didn't expect to be suffering form Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.  And I didn't expect my husband to hurt his hand and need surgery which means he can't drive (or do a lot around the house) for the next 6 weeks.  

So I haven't been sewing.  But now I am starting to miss it so I have had a sort out, updated my Works in Progress page and here they are:

Sewing WIPs November 

And the hand sewing tins with their projects:

Hand sewing WIPs

So am I going to crack on and finish some of these projects?  Well I am full of good intentions to do so but I know that I am much more likely to dig out these books:

Baby sewing books

and these fabrics

Baby Fabric collage

and make something so that my poor neglected baby has at least one or two handmade things (and hopefully a quilt or two).

I missed my 3 year blogaversary in October so there will be a giveaway before Christmas.  I also need to make some space for this baby so I am thinking of having a de-stash sale here or on Twitter/Instagram if anyone is interested.  I definitely need to get rid of some Tula Pink Hushabye, Tanya Whelan Delilah and maybe even some Momo Wonderland as well as some other bits and pieces.

Hopefully I'll be back in a week or two with some actual sewing too!


  1. I remember it well! My blog was sorely neglected when I was pregnant !!! I found hand sewing the best for me until I hit the post Xmas sewing rush!! You might get that??!!

  2. So pleased to hear from you and to know all is well. Happy times, despite all the other stuff. I was exhausted my first pregnancy. Don't remember the second one. Just sit back and enjoy. Stuff will be made, eventually.

  3. Love those hexies all sitting in a pile. EPP is so relaxing and portable, make sure you put your feet up and rest!

  4. Oh my! What a rough few months you've had. Let's hope the remainder of your term is less eventful! I would def. be interested in Delilah, but I'm not on twitter or instagram. Jxo

  5. Is it wrong to covet your hand sewing tins? Yes, I thought it was!! Hope things improve soon xx

  6. You'll get there eventually :-) I'd definitely be up for taking some Hushabye off your hands! :-)

  7. Put your feet up, rest and think about all the things you can do when you get to that nesting phase and bundles of energy! Or just rest!

  8. I would love to see the Hushabye ... regret not getting some at the time!

  9. I have had zero motivation to sew too! I just cast on my first baby project (a sweater) the other day. I hope we both get that "nesting" energy soon! :D