Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sunday afternoon sewing

This afternoon I sat down with these supplies:

Fabrics chosen for zippy pouches for Granny's birthday present. Hope I can remember how to make them!

and turned them into these:

Zippy pouches

PInk & White zippy pouch 2

Pink & White zippy pouch 1

So satisfying to have a finished project at the end of an afternoon's sewing and just in time to send off to my Granny for her birthday this week.

Zippy pouches


  1. ooooh, what lovely colours : your granny will love them

  2. beautiful, amelia (4 year old pink fanatic) loves them and wants me to make hers now, I'm pouching all the time now, wasn't upto sewing much last week but managed a pouch with a zip woohoo !!!