Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

Back in September last year, once my sister in law found out her new baby was going to be a girl I put together a few different fabric bundles.  She chose this one:

New Niece Quilt

The baby wasn't due until 8 January so I obviously decided that it was much better to wait until just before Christmas to think about a quilt design.  I decided on something based on Retro Starburst from Material Obsession 1.  And again I decided it was much more sensible to wait around the baby's due date to actually start working on the quilt.

I decided to make my blocks more scrappy then the ones in the book and I now have pieced 5 log cabin blocks.  My original plan was to have 9 blocks; 5 log cabins and 4 large panel pieces like this:

Log Cabin Quilt Blocks 1

But I really like the log cabin blocks and am now thinking of just having 1 panel piece (the dresses) in the centre surrounded by 8 log cabin blocks.  Like this but with another row of log cabins:

January 17

What do you think?

Linking up with WIP Wednesday for the first time too.

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  1. I think that your second idea is fantastic!! That would really be fun, and I love those log cabins too! Although, either one will undoubtedly be fantastic!

  2. Very sweet for a baby girl! I like #2 option as well.

  3. I go with #2 as well, gorgeous fabrics.

  4. I also vote number 2! The log cabins are gorgeous :)

  5. Another vote for #2! I love the colours you're using!

  6. I like both options, as long as the dresses stay in tact :o)

  7. Don't ya just love turquoise and red!