Sunday, 26 June 2011

Liebster Award

A long time ago the lovely ladies at Nellie's Niceties awarded me the Liebster Blog Award.

The award (rumoured to have stared in Germany) is a way of getting less well known blogs know. By accepting you link back to the blog who nominated you and pay it forward to 3-5 other new blogs.

So why the delay?  I was nominated whilst I was on holidays in Canada in March and intended to do my post when I got back.  Life got busy, I haven't blogged in a while due to work and I forgot about it.  I am on leave for a week now and am dusting off the sewing machine and laptop and am planning a week of sewing and  blogging.  In my draft posts folder I found this so if it's not too late I accept!

I was nominated my mother and daughter team Nellie's Niceties who I am in Fresh Modern Bee 2 with.  Check out their lovely blog with recent posts including a sofa cushion (literally), a yummy Sherbert Pips Quilt and this lovely Nicey Jane Quilt.

So on to my nominations.  Today I have also been discovering the small blog network over on Flick group Brit Quilt so I have decided to check out the blogs on there and choose my nominations from those so without further ado:

I have actually been following this blog for some time and am in awe of the fabulous sunshine quilt, wonderful wedding preparations and all that she manages to get done on the never ending list for 2011 (all with 2 small children).  So time to stop lurking and start commenting!

I just discovered this blog today over on Brit Quilt and am loving everything on it especially this, this and this.

Again another blog found today on Brit Quilt.  I love these gorgeous pin cushions, and am so jealous of her Singer machine.

Happy Blog Surfing!

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